Prof. Doutor Ravindra Nanda

Editor-in-Chief, Progress in Orthodontics

Adjunct Professor, The Forsyth Institute Cambridge, Ma, 02142

Professor Emeritus

Division of Orthodontics School of Dental Medicine

UConn Health

Farmington, CT 06030


Biomechanics and Evidence Based Orthodontics: Aligners, TADs and Complex Malocclusions

Morning Session: Biomechanics of Aligner Treatment

– Applying Biomechanics Concepts to Aligners
– Efficacy Issues with Thermoformed aligners
– Aligner Materials
– ‘Shape Memory Aligners’
– Evidence Based Studies
– Managing open bite and space closure with aligners
– Surgery First and Aligners

Afternoon Session: Managing Complex Problems with Smart Wires and TADs

– Managing Edentulous Sites
– Managing Severe Deep bites and Open bites
– Correction of Dentoalveolar Midlines and Asymmetries
– Surgery First and Sleep Apnoea
– Whole Arch Distalization with TADs

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